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Animateurs d’ateliers



abdrabah[DOT] rafik [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Getting started with python


  • Que peut-on faire avec Python ?
  • Le shell Python
  • Variable, typage, et les types de bases (int, strings, bool et None)
  • Arithmétique et assignation
  • Opérations logiques
  • Sauver son code dans un fichier
  • Les listes, les tuples, les sets et le mot clé « in »
  • Les boucles et les itérables
  • Exercice « Trouver l’escroquerie sur un produit »
  • Les exceptions
  • Les dictionnaires
  • Formatage de chaînes
  • Exercice « Trouver l’escroquerie sur tous les produits

ABDRABAH Rafik :formateur et développeur Arduino | Robotics | Open Hardware/Software Projects


Anis El Achèche

elacheche [AT] ubuntu [DOT] com

Docker 101

Résumé: The post-revolutionary context in Tunisia has been favorable to unleash a new series of public sector reform initiatives and has given a new impetus for the Tunisian e-Government program. The use of ICTs within the public administration has, indeed, become central, not only as a tool to better serve citizens and businesses, but also as a way to deliver democracy itself. To this end, a lot of projects are planned or are being implemented to ensure a transition from eGovernment to Smart Governance. In this presentation, number of these governmental and civil society projects are exposed to discuss and explain what practices has been successful and why, and to highlight lessons that can be learned from the Tunisian e-government journey

Anis El Achèche: A Ubuntu-tn member, Ubuntu official memebr and Membership Board Member, FOSS community contributor and GNU/Linux SysAdmin.


Soulaymen Chouri

doit [AT] praisethemoon [DOT] org

Introduction to Lua & 2D Game development

Résumé : Learn how to develop video games from scratch. Previous programming is required. The language of choice is Lua, which is widely used in the video game industry (and many other applications). The framework that will be used is called löve

Soulaymen Chouri: Soulaymen Chouri is a R&D Software Engineer with a great passion of video game and game development. He’s the proud owner of where he shares his projects and Lua love



naeil [AT] nzoueidi [DOT] com

How to contribute to the Linux Kernel: Submit your 1st Linux PATCH

Résumé: Nowadays, the Linux kernel runs everywhere, wouldn’t you feel just the tiniest swell of pride if you’d helped work on it, no matter in how small a way? This workshop will help you to get involved to the process of the Linux development & cycle and it will cover some important parts, git basics, Linux kernel coding style, Fixing a file, Generating a patch and email it

Naeil ZOUEIDI: Naeil ZOUEIDI is a FOSS contributor who is currently interested on the devolpment of the Linux kernel. He is an Ubuntu-TN member and official Ubuntu member, he do also a part of the Ubuntu Board Membership. Naeil works at Linagora as OSSA engineer, his mission is supporting more than 400 Open source software and developing patches for old kernels


Lotfi Messaoudi

Git / RaspberryPI


Git : Get started using GIT as a version control system for your projects and host your project in Github.
RaspberryPI : 
Get started using the 5$ linux based computer as DIY weekend hobby projects.

Lotfi Messaoudia Computer Science Engineering Student at ISSATSo that works as a part time freelancer online


Sami Bouhlel

Deploiement automation for the cloud

Résumé: an introduction to Opensource deploiement automation tools

– Introductions (Cloud, automation, automation tools)<

– NixOS & Nixops

– Roboconf

– How to use and how to contribute ?

Sami Bouhlel : Je suis un Administrateur Systèmes et Réseaux, fasciné par les nouvelles technologies et très interssé par les domaines de sécurité et de DevOPS.

J’aime travailler avec les technologies OpenSource et partager mon savoir faire.

Recemment, j’ai piloté et contribué à de grands projets basés sur des technologies OpenSource pour les ministères de l’intérieur, des finances et de la technologie en Tunisie.

En dehors de mes heures de travail, j’aime bien lire des articles reliés à la science et aux nouvelles technologies.

Et…j’adore coder en Python !

20 novembre 2016 – ISSAT de Sousse